Podcast Studio Rental

Podcast Studio Rental

Podcast Perfection: Downtown Seattle's One-Stop Audio-Visual Experience.

Used for podcast shows, skill share course, online courses, visual interviews, tutorials and how to sessions, reaction videos, voice over work.

Experience the pinnacle of podcasting in Downtown Seattle. Our studio, set within the legendary Crown Hotel, effortlessly combines history with the latest in audio-visual technology, establishing itself as Seattle's prime destination for both video and audio projects.

Bid farewell to setup woes and production hassles. Here, you:

  • Ready-to-record setup allowing your creativity to flourish
  • Enjoy top-tier equipment, from Shure mv7x Pod Mics to 4K Cameras
  • Optional skilled audio engineer for pristine production quality
  • Inviting lounge area, perfect for pre-recording prep
  • Additional comforts: a homely kitchen, private bathroom, and more

Notable names like Odessa and Sue Bird have graced our space. And once you're done, the vibrant ambiance of Downtown, complete with squares and charming cafes, is right at your doorstep. Dive into a podcasting experience that’s both profound in heritage and advanced in provision.

Equipment included in booking:
- (4) Shure mv7x
- Pod Mics (3)
- Sony 6600 4K Cameras (4)
- Sterling S400 HeadphonesLG Smart TV (2)
- Godox professional film lights
- Black Magic - Atem Mini Pro ISO
- RodeCasterPro2
- Professional Studio Arms

All Bookings are Final.

Guests may reschedule their booking 7 days before the event start time. Rescheduling less than 7 days before the event start time will be charged a $75 fee.

Starting at $150 / hour

10 person capacity

700 sq/ft

1 hr min

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Included with your booking


High-speed internet

Stream ready

Complimentary drinks

Lounge Area


Climate controlled

Engineer for hire

Lighting equipment

Savage backdrops

Sand bags

Video equipment

Green screen

C stands

Extension cords

Soft boxes

Apple boxes

Gaffer tape


Tethering and cables



One of a kind props


Kolors renters guide

Can I come solo or with less than 4 guests?

Yes! we modify the setup to suit any number of guests.

How quickly can I recieve my files?

An initial video with the live cuts is available immediately after the recording stops. If further editing or social media snippets are request, those are typically delivered within 72 hours.

Why would I need further editing?

While the "live" cut will satisfy most, we offer additional editing services so that your podcast can be polished or multi-purposed.

Will I recieve all audio and video files separately?

Yes. Just let us know and we can include in at no additional cost.

Can I move things around?

Please do not move the Phone Booth or bar without first inquiring, You can move the furniture as long as you move things back where you found them. Please be careful when moving things around!

Can I live stream from here?

Yes! We have blazing fast internet and can stream to any platform.

Equipment specifics?

- (4) Shure mv7x
- Pod Mics (3)
- Sony 6600 4K Cameras (4)
- Sterling S400 HeadphonesLG Smart TV (2)
- Godox professional film lights
- Black Magic - Atem Mini Pro ISO
- RodeCasterPro2
- Professional Studio Arms

Can you help me with uploading and promotion of the podcast?

Yes! Contact us for further information.

Can I have people call in?

Yes! Just let us know before hand.

Do I need to bring someone to run the podcast?

No! You booking includes an audio engineer that will take care of everything. Simply come in with your guests, and we'll take care of the rest.

Can I have guests that are not in person?

Yes we

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