Rent our curated spaces for working, shoots and events.

Co-working Day Pass

Experience a creative workspace unlike any other. Whether you're a freelancer seeking inspiration or a team aiming for collaboration, our day pass unlocks a unique co-working haven.

Room Details
  • Hours: M-F  10:00 AM -6:00 PM

  • 2,700 ft²

  • Air condition & heating

  • Natural light & ambient light

  • Capacity: 50 people

  • Layout: Open floor plan & quiet zones

  • High speed internet

  • Printing & scanning

  • Conference room

  • Kitchen/cafe area

  • Complementary beverages

  • Lounge areas

Production Studio

For creators seeking perfection on every shot: our meticulously designed production studio ensures your every hour counts. Dive into an environment where quality lighting and top-tier amenities converge, propelling your project into the spotlight.

Room Details
  • Hours:  All Week  8:00 AM -10:00 PM

  • 2,200 ft²

  • 10 ft tall ceilings

  • Air condition & heating

  • 44 Power outlets

  • West & east facing natural light

  • Electric backdrop system

  • Included lighting gear

  • Diverse savage papers

  • Versatile set designs

  • Functional kitchenette

  • Private restroom

Podcast Room

Step into our unparalleled podcast room: both audio and video, turn-key and ready to spotlight your content. Crafted for exceptional clarity and production ease, this space is where your vision and voice coalesce. Secure your slot today.

Room Details
  • Hours:  All Week  8:00 AM -10:00 PM

  • 600 ft²

  • Climate controlled

  • Stream-ready

  • Lounge area

  • Four person set up

  • Four dynamic shure mics

  • Three 4k sony cameras

  • Roadcaster Pro 2

  • Black Magic Mini Iso Switcher

  • Connectible TV

  • Adjustable Mic Stands

Event Rental

Seeking a unique venue for your next event? Host it in our multifaceted production space. Melding state-of-the-art facilities with a distinctive ambiance, our venue ensures every gathering becomes a memorable production. Reserve your spot and let your event take center stage.

Room Details
  • Hours: All Week  8:00 AM -10:00 PM

  • High-speed WIFI

  • Not wheelchair accessible

  • Air condition & heating

  • Kitchenette

  • Private bathroom

  • Tables & chairs included

  • XLR speakers

  • Bluetooth sound system

  • Clothing racks

  • Mini bar with cocktail kit

  • Fun props

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$1000 /5 hours